Programme/Programa: Erasmus + Strategic Partnership for adult education

Number/Número: 2015-TR01-KA204-022101


Period/Período: 15.11.2015 – 14.11.2017




Summary / Resumen:

The goal of the REAL project is to contribute to the integration of  unemployed graduates in to the labor market by enhancing their entrepreneurship skills and competencies. The project focused on the needs of those who wants to start their own business but did not have necessary skills and know-how. The fear of unemployment and changes in today’s labor market inspired people to look for new paths to find a new work place and/or to create their own. The project’s main objective is to transfer and develop of the innovative e-learning platform and blended course contents and activities focused up on entrepreneurship enhancement. The project is aiming to implement a realistic, competitive and sustainable Virtual Learning Community, which promoted a specific entrepreneurial training/mentoring program offering an integrated guidance to entrepreneurs from the early stage of motivation and idea generation through a personalized support in implementing business projects.

The project partnership-

10 partners from 8 European countries – the selection is based on the geographical status, expertises and capacity of the partners. Weintend to form the partnership especially from the Mediterranean countries considering that the economic chaos is affecting that part much more.

The objectives of the project: The main goal of the REAL project is to help unemployed people to integrate into the labor market by becoming entrepreneurs and creating their own workplace.

1- to identify the needs of the unemployed youth and labor market

2- improving the level of key competences and skills, with particular regard to the young peoples’ relevance for the labor market

3-supporting participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market

4- fostering quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalization at the level of participating education and training institutions, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation

5- promoting entrepreneurship education to develop active citizenship, employability and new-business creation

6-increasing participation in learning and employability between education and training providers and other stakeholders

7- developing the basic competencies of target group

8- developing the university – industry and labor market relations

9- developing inter-disciplinary and international cooperation of the organizations from different sectors


Our results and outcomes:

1- The target group needs identified;

There will be surveys conducted to the unemployed graduates to analyze the needs of the target group and also another survey will be conducted to the industry representatives to identify the needs of the labor market

2- Entrepreneurial course materials, tools and activities transferred, translated and adapted in each piloting country;

The participating institutions will create on-line courses with new 6 educational modules, animation videos and e-marketing platform for new international marketing strategies. 8 power-point presentations per each module will be created and they will be supported by voice texts in English. The tools will be translated into English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian and Swedish.

3- E-learning platform developed with simulations, case studies and activities focused up on entrepreneurship enhancement;

The entrepreneurial tools will be published on the e-learning platform. The target group will register on the website to join the Online courses and use the educational Online materials

4- Booklet&Guide: participating institutions will create a booklet for target group in order to show pathways to entrepreneurs.  And also the activities and the outcomes of the projects will be presented in this booklet

5- DVD Online course and animation videos will be installed on a DVD for disseminating the project to the relevant stakeholders. Additionally this DVD will be available for those who want to take the courses after registering on the web portal

6- University – industry relationships developed

7- Partnership culture will be developed and this will enhance and promote international and inter institutional cooperation and coordination.


For further information contact: Rosa M. Ricart – – 973 481752

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